Batteries for Cloud Data Fusion
The Right Extensions for the Right Foundation
We organize AI problem-solving as business cases and use predictive workflows for agile solution finding.
200+ workflow plugins help to find machine responses to a broad range of today's and future use cases.
Industry-Specific Connectors
Cloud Data Fusion ships with plenty of connectors to integrate data from general-purpose data stores and services.
We complement this with handpicked connectors to purpose-built data sources. Main focus is on Cyber Defense, E-Commerce, Internet-of-Things and Telecommunications.
Data integration use cases can be seamlessly extended to benefit from full-spectrum machine intelligence.
Machine Intelligence
Predictive workflows shift focus to insights and abstract from complex technologies and big data infrastructure.
150+ machine intelligence plugins turn state-of-the-art analytics into a code-free plug & play experience:
From deep & machine learning to natural language and time series processing up to business rules and SQL queries.
Machine Knowledge
Business problems transform into plenty of predictive questions and generate a bag of independent machine-generated answers.
Without transforming them into connected predictions, no holistic picture for human decision making emerges.
We enrich every machine-generated prediction with comprehensive contextual metadata and leverage graph technology to turn a bag of predictions into a knowledge graph.
Case Management
Artificial intelligence has no value in itself. Without being embedded into a structured process, AI cannot generate relevant and reusable results.
We organize AI problem solving as a case management workflow, from mapping a business problem onto a case, up to configuring predictive workflows for computing insights.
Business & technical information are tied into one manageable asset and deployed as reusable templates for future problems.