Case Management
A Proven Process Pattern for AI in Business
We fuse business & technical information into a common business asset for reuse.
Common Predictive Language
Top JSON Entities For AI Problem-Solving
{ Business Case }

No single prediction has a value in itself without being connected to its business context.

Problem-solving starts with describing the business problem, its drivers and the desired outcome.

This is key to reuse derived solutions and prevents from constantly starting from ground up.

The common predictive language supports the initial phase of AI problem-solving with a problem-centric machine-readable information object, called business case.

{ Business Task }

A business task is a solution-oriented information entity and is used to breakdown a business case into a set of parallel or sequential tasks.

Every task describes a predictive "what will happen" or a prescriptive "how can we make it happen" question.

Answering these questions either directly contributes to the desired outcome or defines the input for the next task.

{ AI Workflow }

AI in business answers every predictive & prescriptive question by applying machine intelligence to transform enterprise data into insights.

An AI workflow is a solution-centric information entity to organize the application of machine intelligence in data workflows.

Every workflow defines a set of data processing stages, and each stage represents a data connector or a machine intelligence plugin.

Predictive Process
Predictive Templates
Benefit from a Template Market
We fuse business & technical information into a common information template, from business case and tasks to AI workflows and their plugin configurations. Ready for reuse.
Templates define what companies do with their data and why and define kickstart assets for every AI business case.
We organize predictive templates in a marketplace and turn next-generation problem-solving into a “shopping experience”.