It is just a matter of costs, flexibility and time
Data are transient. Workflows represent business knowledge forever.
A lightning-fast track to embrace reusable AI without writing a single line of code.
Complete AI Lifycyle
Data science work alone does not make any AI product, will not augment decisions or create any kind of ROI.
Our focus is on the AI triad of data, models and solution, a fast track from experimentation to production and a seamless integration into every specific business environment.
This cuts down your average project times by over 90% and reduces the size of AI project teams significantly.
Declarative AI Templates
AI is at a waypoint and we take the "declarative" track. At the heart is our Structured AI Solution Language SAISL to describe full solutions with all its tasks and workflows as structured text documents.
An integrated code generator & scalable runtime automates software engineering and brings these AI templates to action in minutes.
Templates ensure AI reproducibility and reusability. Your AI feasibility and problem understanding phases have never been faster and easier.
Data Fusion Foundation
Data diversity with hundreds of sources and destinations, formats and APIs must not be an after­thought.
Data fusion is a first-class AI citizen to enable data preparation with ease, and make AI models flexible and relevant in every release cycle.
AI solutions integrate into your business environment with ease to make them actionable and keep pace with your constant feature drifts and data changes.
Single-Stop Intelligence
Deep learning or machine learning do not make AI-driven products alone. It is always a combination of different techniques from the full spectrum of machine intelligence.
Our clear commitment to Apache Spark for lightning-fast computation eliminates your need to operate plenty of different platforms.
From deep and machine learning, to SQL queries, business rules, natural language and time series processing. It is always the same platform and technology for you.
Fast Operationalization
More than 85% of AI projects remain alchemy and never make it into production. Data science uses plenty of different technologies that are isolated from production.
"Predict as you train" marks a waypoint for your AI operationalization and solution deployment.
AI model management, integrated into training and prediction phases, enables the same platform and technology, and the reuse of the same component for the same task.
Machine Knowledge
Plenty of AI-driven operations with plenty of isolated predictions are needed to evaluate all aspects of todays' business problems.
Mere predictions do not make any business knowledge. Without connecting them, no holistic picture for decision making emerges.
Our connectivity model and enrichment techniques integrated into every AI workflow, and combined with graph technology ensure that a bag of predictions turns into your valuable business knowledge.